Is Aaliyah An Icon?

Instantly recognizable. Influential. Inspirational. But — Is Aaliyah An Icon? This episode, The Music Snobs explore the impact and legacy of R&B superstar, Aaliyah Dana Haughton. Spotlighting her music and film roles, her image and tragic death, the crew investigate what lifted her to the heights of fame — and tackle the elephant in the room to ask whether the #MeToo era has given Aaliyah her due respect as a survivor of abuse. In a debate that goes deep on the nature of notoriety, the Snobs wouldn’t be the Snobs without arguing which production style propelled Aaliyah’s sound the most — R. Kelly or Timbaland’s? And finally, TMS continues the iconic debate with a roundtable on album intros, asking: what artist or group has the most albums with iconic opening songs? Get ready for an episode with loud opinions, louder voices, deep insight and dope choices.

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