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Snobs On Film delves into the widest range of modern and classic cinema to explore one theme per season  all via an unexpected BIPOC perspective that’s unique, insightful and irreverent.

Last season, the crew dug into the theme of Redemption. This season, get ready as The Snobs go deep on the theme of Strange Love, seen in films from the 1940s to the present day.

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STRANGE LOVE: Black Narcissus

So it’s 1947 and… something’s in the air.

Written and directed by Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger, Black Narcissus outwardly uses breathtaking sets and cinematography to hint at the inner conflicts of a host of characters.

A company of Anglican nuns are attempting to set up a colonial school and hospital in what used to be the palace-home of a general’s harem. Tensions begin to mount once the nuns experience strange illnesses and are overcome by unfamiliar—and perhaps illicit—emotions.

The incessant wind becomes a metaphor for what seems unexplainable and unstoppable. This combination of setting and circumstance brings about a mood of strange love in multiple corners of the story.

And when tragedy strikes, the result is a head-on collision between madness and erotic awakening that—very literally—sends one character over the edge…

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