STRANGE LOVE: Malcolm & Marie

Two questions: Can a two-hour argument be interesting AND fully define the past, present, and future of a strange love?

That’s what we’re gonna dive into as we look at 2021’s Malcolm & Marie—a film that puts two actors in a celluloid ring, straps the gloves on, rings the bell, and let’s the toxic punches fly…

John David Washington’s Malcolm Elliott is a filmmaker who has just premiered the movie that will make him a household name. Zendaya’s Marie Jones is the inspiration behind Malcolm’s film and also his partner in what—if we’re being polite—could most accurately be described as a tumultuous relationship. At the film premier, Malcolm apparently thanks everyone involved with the movie, and basically everyone he knows… except for Marie.

Cue the explosions.

So, almost as soon as Malcolm and Marie arrive home following the premier, everything hits the fan. The ensuing argument has its peaks and valleys, and it dips as easily into the traumas of the past as it does the insecurities and accusations of the present. And by the time the discourse distills into the 3 little words that no one wants to hear (I’m talking about “I HATE YOU”), we’ve gone on a grand tour of this couple’s personal and combined damage.

Selfish acts, unlimited ego, unresolved issues, intentional infliction of pain, etcetera, etcetera… It’s all here. But is it strange? Or, is Malcolm & Marie just a portrait of what everyday, real life love looks like?

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