2Pac: The Last Immortal?

What do we talk about, when we talk about 2Pac? Almost 30 years have passed since the killing of Tupac Shakur — emcee, actor, freedom fighter, street legend. In the season finale of The Music Snobs podcast, the crew focuses on one of modern culture’s most enduring icons, to ask: What was the single most important quality that defined 2Pac?

In a conversation that reaches far and wide, TMS goes beyond the music to explore the limits of 2Pac’s intensity, and examine whether modern music (let alone Hip-Hop) has a greater legend. But that’s not all — the Snobs kick the conversation up a notch, investigating 2Pac’s destructive history with Suge Knight, to ponder a brutal scenario: Without Death Row, Tupac would likely still be here… but without Death Row, would Tupac still be ‘2Pac’? In an unflinching look at both sides of a timeless superstar in the context of a changing world, the crew questions whether his past crime might be forgiven in the #MeToo era, or whether a complicated legacy may inevitably interrupt 2Pac’s immortality.

Finally, TMS closes with a roundtable that dares to glance back to alternate pasts, exploring The Album That Never Was, asking: What album was never recorded, but you wish it was? So, until the crew’s return, listen and laugh, share the show and scream at your podcast app — but above all enjoy the season finale of your favorite Snobs in the game. Much love for rocking with The Music Snobs, and look out for the new season this summer.

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