Tony Toni Toné, And The Revival of Romance

Cutting through a crowd of ’90s new jacks, Oakland’s own Raphael Saadiq, Dwayne Wiggins and Timothy Christian Riley seized attention with their evolution of musical romance. TMS takes a closer look at what made Tony Toni Toné the timeless R&B group that we came to love — and miss, when they broke-up all too soon. The Snobs study the ingredients of the secret sauce that gave us The Tonies‘ most iconic songs — debating whether their classic instrumentation or romantic lyrics are more critical to TTT‘s place in the house of music. The crew closes out the show with a roundtable to talk up the breakdowns of their favorite groups, and ask: What band had the most tragic break-up of all time? Get ready to laugh, cry, and scream at your podcast app, as Season 3 of The Music Snobs continues with an episode for the ages.

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That’s what we’re gonna dive into as we look at 2021’s Malcolm & Marie—a film that puts two actors in a celluloid ring, straps the gloves on, rings the bell, and let’s the toxic punches fly…

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