Chicago vs. America: Is Chicago The Capital of Black Music?

There’s no place like home… or is there? Taking Chicago as the city to beat, TMS lay down the challenge to choose the nation’s music capital, and the center from which all Black American music flows. Is the Windy City the easy winner — or are Detroit, NYC, LA, ATL, NOLA, MPLS, Dayton and Oakland more worthy contenders for the crown? In a fast-paced debate that turns all the way up to 10 from the get-go, the crew take on impact, art, legacy, business (and yes, a very long list of artist names) to prove that home where the heat is.

As if that wasn’t enough, the Snobs drop a truly ageless roundtable, to ask: whether musically, lyrically or even emotionally — what is the most timeless song ever recorded? Listen up as The Music Snobs go from the keys to the city, to the song for-ever — and get ready for an episode with gems, jokes, and everything you expect from your favorite music podcast in the game.

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