Snobs On Film: Redemption returns with a film so full of tension and intrigue that it could only have come from the legendary Master of Suspense. Alfred Hitchcock’s Notorious features a conflicted Cary Grant, whose love for Ingrid Bergman sets him at odds with his duty as a spy. Bergman is the key to bringing down a network of Nazis in post-war Brazil, and her willingness to enter into a web of lies leads to a final, iconic scene that turns a moment of redemption into a choice between life and death. Join us as we continue our #1Theme10Films season with Notorious.

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STRANGE LOVE: Malcolm & Marie

Two questions: Can a two-hour argument be interesting AND fully define the past, present, and future of a strange love?

That’s what we’re gonna dive into as we look at 2021’s Malcolm & Marie—a film that puts two actors in a celluloid ring, straps the gloves on, rings the bell, and let’s the toxic punches fly…

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