REDEMPTION: Constantine

Demons, angels, warlocks, and cops: the perfect ingredients for a redemption story so twisted it could make the Devil smile. Snobs On Film: Redemption continues with 2005’s comic book occult film, Constantine. Keanu Reeves is Alan Moore’s demon-hunting detective whose life (and death) of sin has predetermined his fate. But can Constantine earn salvation when Rachel Weisz offers him a last shot at redemption? Come hang with SOF as we continue our #1Theme10Films season by discussing an antihero who searches for absolution while on the road between heaven and hell.

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STRANGE LOVE: Black Narcissus

So it’s 1947 and… something’s in the air. Written and directed by Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger, Black Narcissus outwardly uses breathtaking sets and cinematography

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