MU June 2022: Doctor Strange, Obi-Wan Kenobi

The wait is over. 

After years of wanting, wishing, and hoping for the return of Obi-Wan Kenobi—last week, Disney Plus gave fans the series that they’ve been looking for.

Or did they?

On this episode of Mad Unreal we explore the first two parts of the six-part Kenobi series and give Mad Thoughts on everything from a Jawa’s next level shadiness to a Jedi’s realization that his greatest failure is not only haunting him—it’s hunting him as well.

But first, we’re going to spend a little time in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and ask an important question. With the recent news that Marvel Studios is developing a new Daredevil streaming series, we wonder: Will the MCU ever produce a truly “grounded” feature film?

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STRANGE LOVE: Malcolm & Marie

Two questions: Can a two-hour argument be interesting AND fully define the past, present, and future of a strange love?

That’s what we’re gonna dive into as we look at 2021’s Malcolm & Marie—a film that puts two actors in a celluloid ring, straps the gloves on, rings the bell, and let’s the toxic punches fly…

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